Images copyright Dan Haskell, 2007

2007 Adult Soap Box Derby

Our audience with the Pope of Gravity

Note: The 2008 Derby is on schedule for Aug 16th. First runs at 10am!

car at starting line
back to the future?
start of race
and they're off...
Devilish sausage booth
Church of Swinetology (sausages)
LRSD drumline
the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers
LRSD drummers
the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers
Taco booth
heh. Thought this was a derby cart at first...
Star Wars style cart
Use the PBR Luke!
Steer skeleton cart
it's a bloody fossil!
Bishops lounging on the grass
the clergy were well represented this year
behind the wheel
jock itch?
the Pope goes for a taco and a stroll
look, it's the Pope!
the Pope goes for a slide down the hill
Pope on a slope (ow!)
Trike cart
did they really build that?
Steel skinned, fish cart
ooooh! Barracuda.
back of the Popemobile
the Critical Mass Popemobile
a car that looks like slippers
typical crap, or are they shoes?
leaning hard on curve
work it baby!
Noah makes the devil horns
Noah, demonstrating the size of a cubit
Closer view of Noah
following behind was a unicorn
motion blur photo
motion blur photo
zoom zoom
the driver had bunny ears
a carrot cart
blurred photo of casino table
a speeding blackjack table (I kid you not!)
a very cool travel trailer
a speeding travel trailer
the two winning cars
first and second (not necessarily in that order)
the third place winner
third place
Cars being towed
towing 'em back up
The Law of untended consequences (out-takes)
Out take number 1
camera shaken not stirred
Out take number 2
looks like some sort of creature
Out take number 3
check out the rabbit ears and the water stream!